Elon Musk

Elon Musk has single handily been responsible for creating the first ever electric production car to go 0-100 (km) in 1.9 seconds and used that money to finance the production of fully electric and non-carbon dioxide producing cars under the Tesla company. For the Boring Company he has developed and built a tunnel in order […]

simulation mindy

Concept and Beginning The Life of Mindy, the digital artefact has continued throughout Claire’s classes BCM112: Convergent Media Practices, DIGC202: Global Networks, BCM325: Future Cultures, BCM300: Game Making and BCM302: Final Project. Essentially to create a simulation by the name of ‘Simulation Mindy’. Described as “an interactive story on simulation theory”. Claire began with research regarding “an interactive story that […]

Trying to Understand Culture


The above is a video I watched among many others to try and understand Japanese culture. I thought instead of watching and consuming I needed a comparison, I was getting too lost in my own bubble of what I thought was foreign. I needed a change in perspective, from an outside viewpoint similar to my own that I could watch and relate in order to evaluate my own conclusions. I often felt that my own biases were coming into play and I was the only one finding Japanese culture to be vastly different from my own. How do I know that Japanese people come to Australia and consider our customs and practices to be odd and different?

As I continue to research I will be posting these small epiphanies and experiences of things I found similar, different and new.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.48.18 pm.png

Above is a shot from a city and it seems incredibly congested and complicated compared to Wollongong, however, this is not too far from what Sydney streets look like.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 12.48.26 pm.png

As well as this shot. The ocean views and people enjoying themselves fishing is something I can very much relate to.

General settings Japan has set up are quite similar and still confuses my understanding as to how their entertainment can be so varied. I must continue to research more than just environmental aesthetics. He mentions ‘culture shock’ and this is indeed happening. I believe I stuck in the frustration stage as described here. 

With more viewings of televised shows, I think I may be able to merge into the next two stages.

Auto-Ethnography research

Practicing ethnography starts with “shifting one’s notion of center and periphery and coping with the complexity of multiple centers with multiple peripheries.”  Alsop, Christiane K. (2002) By cross-referencing these centers and peripheries it creates a larger picture to analyse and comprehend in a previously one-dimensional viewing, now with multiples, I can observe the best way to […]